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#120 - Hedgehog Puberty


#120 - Hedgehog Puberty

With a new year comes a new old year, as STC enters 1998. A solid little parcel of goodies. The Emerald Hill folk join the Manosphere, Decap gets its best* page (*we are not in agreement about this), and Shorty escapes his cozzie! And Teen Dave has a Plan

Hey remember I said my mic quality was bad last time? Well this time there was a software update we hadn't noticed that caused my volume to fluctuate wildly, so you might notice that. Also this one was edited while at families' houses for xmas, so god knows what the state of it is. Probably should've cut the Diary Zone this episode as well, because it's hardly relevant, but what can you do, I've got booze in me and I'm so full of marzipan, you don't even know



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