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#111 - His Eggy Heartbeat


#111 - His Eggy Heartbeat

Sonic picks up a fish, Dave describes an ice cream, we say goodbye to an old friend, Nigel brings the Deep Lorre, we mistake budgies for mistaking budgies for parrots, Dave is surprised into summoning the Lilt Man, unsafe rod-sticking, Eggman vs Eggman, we say goodbye to ANOTHER old friend, we happen to sing a theme tune neither of us is very familiar with exactly in key with the real theme tune, Chris does a cracker of a joke on the way into a Joker advert, and STC get controversial years ago!
Why did I go on this much about the contents of the episode? Dunno! It must just be a feature-packed one! Mustn't it! Or maybe I'm just feeling weird because I've got a big cold! Wehey!

Potential titles this episode that I escaped having to choose between because Abby got excited when a phrase came up and I used that: Tummy Aliens; The Wordless Noise of Orgasm; I Reckon I Could Stick A Rod In That; That's the Level Of Thinking That Gets You Mr. Bean



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